Rehearsal Rooms in Penryn, Redruth and St Austell

Fully Equipped

Our spaces are fully equipped and ready to go with in house drum kits, amps and PA available to use as part of the cost of your session. You are of course welcome to bring your own equipment, but if you’re tired of dragging your heavy amp to the car or spending the first half an hour of your session setting up your drum kit, our equipment is here to make your session a little easier and leave you to concentrate on rehearsing.

Open 24 Hours A Day

Thanks to its location, our Penryn room is free of any noise restrictions meaning we are able to offer slots at any time of day or night. Rehearse at a time that suits you without worrying about complaints from the neighbours.

Acoustically Treated

Our Penryn & Redruth rooms have recently undergone a major redecoration project. With a fresh new look and newly added acoustic treatment, it means our spaces are one of the best looking and best sounding rooms to rehearse in Cornwall. No more echoey village halls, or dark and dingey garages, our spaces offer a clean and professional atmosphere to bring your music to life.

Secure Parking

Our Penryn & Redruth rooms are located on a business yard offering plenty of secure, off road parking right next to the space itself so you never have to worry again about finding a space or having far to carry your equipment

On Site Refreshments

Forget to go to the shop on your way to rehearsal? We know that a rehearsal session can be thirsty work. Our rehearsal rooms have refreshment areas offering free tea & coffee as well as a range of snacks and chilled drinks available to purchase to help re-energize you.

from £25.00 (3 hours)

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